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Friday, July 30, 2010

Crooked - Crooked a subject in which I seriously did a matching photo found

Crooked - Crooked Photo Friday theme of today's blogs
a subject in which I seriously did a matching photo found.

crooked - even, a subject which is in my photography is as good as not at all again.

As I see graphically how "straight" my photography has become.
I do not know whether the expression of my photographic style - actually would not be subordinate to, though, some see a
Klaus Neuner recognize photographic style to - or whether it is because I very much architecture inside and take pictures.
Then, of course, are falling lines, odd or even crooked horizons not to do so.

Even in the portrait photography I find myself again and again while capturing a straight horizon, straight, - graphic lines.
An oblique horizon was a while very big in fashion, portrait photography
but you have to subject themselves in the imagery actually the short-lived fashion?
Ok, you have to adjust the current visual language in the interests of customers, but at least my customers often prefer the more conservative traditional photographic style, the exposure correct and composed photo.
As it usually is to find for a long time use.

This is of course not on the short-lived fashion photography, which is so well known, replaced by a running season.
However, I am not a fan of the actual there exaggerated imagery, I think they overlook quite quickly because they are too pressing to the fore.
Is it like how the fashion, after a season you no longer see her, she comes from an old-fashioned.
A classic photo on the other hand retains its appeal, attention, wins more in value.

Ultimately, however, every customer has only one wish, its product quality, sales-presents to get.
And he ought to be in commercial photography in the foreground .....

My photo shows
Kolmannskuppe, the ancient city of diamonds in the Namib Desert in the vicinity of Lüderitz ....
Over the period of the sand dunes more and more undercover ....

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Digital photography and its possibilities.....

Digital photography and its possibilities in post-production ...
I always find it fascinating that unexpected possibilities of digital photography offers us ...
Not only in the production, no even and especially in the many post-processing.
What in early times made by pre-press, graphic designers, Repro & co is now usually done by the photographer.
Often it is called in the current production - ok, we go through - will be done later in Photoshop.

I think only he who has once made himself for hours in Photoshop, portrait retouching, elaborate or processed HDRs with a small aperture and long exposure times, to say nothing of sensor spots all over, only knows how much work goes into post-production.

In the preparation is there, the 'play with the controls "every now and then little" artistic "works like this feeling at sea.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Evening on the Sea...

In the evening beside the sea ....
she wants to come, - the moods capture by the tourists as well as from all the foto enthusiastic, ....
In Tenerife - on an island in the middle of the Atlantic, we have the good fortune to the sun from sunrise to sunset to experience over the sea.
A special experience, - the sunrise on Mount Teide - very popular - in different locations very famed for fashion productions.
But the beaches in the south, as well as the small fishing villages on the sea offer wonderful moods in the evening.
A must for all photo enthusiasts.
My photo shows the popular Fishermen Village Los Abrigos in the evening light ....

Friday, July 23, 2010

Sky High....

Theme of the day at Photo Friday "is SKY HIGH "....

On the subject of high heaven I remembered this air intake.

Shot on a flight from Tenerife to Munich, used as a photo on our last year's Christmas card.
I would like to reserve the seats for the flights in the right seat to capture the right light, panorama spots and the sunset.

Earlier in the Trans-Atlantic flights, but also in Iceland hopping in the Pacific were very important.
In the small planes so you could just get on arrival at good pictures.

Remember, I always liked the flights over Groenland and the ice mountains with strong sunsets.

Special experience was a flight to the Seychelles Bird Iceland.
The pilot, a Dutchman, I was sitting right next to him, made a victory lap around the small island, so I could make from the coral atoll good aerial photographs. At that time, with the Mamiya RB 67.
Later in Cape Town, South Africa in film development, I wondered why all the films were not exposed - I had previously forgotten in Mahe or Praslin to switch of the mirror up remover ...

Think like too many flights in the South Pacific to the back, often it was to book a small machine, calculated from the pilot as a training flights.
In New Zealand we booked a Farmer for a round trip to Mt.Cook, it had terrible turbulences, but impressive experiences and results.
Yes, each photo has its own story, each photo calls up memories .....

A picture says more then a thousand words but truly ....

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Architecture Photography in Tenerife

Sure the architecture is a photograph of my particular passions.
In addition to reports on specific structures for international magazines,
I produce exposés exclusive property, residences for owners who sell property in their absolute discretion,
or want to offer through a broker and a corresponding Magazine.
How it all - every product, every person - even every building has its own personality,
which I would like to present in the right light.
Of course, here is the appropriate research to advance various times of day, at the right light to examine the respective sun. Moreover, I finished like photos in the daytime and the "blue hour" just after sunset.
For the People Photography usually we work with a whole team on the ground,
enough for me for the architecture photography i mostly use only my camera and tripod.
To capture the large dynamic range, I work seen a long time with HDRs.
Up to six shots with different exposures, which are assembled later on the Mac.
In addition to the subsequent Tonmapping i work with the photos in Photoshop with a complicated processing.

The illustrated photo is the new Art & Congress Centre Magma in Playa de Las Americas, which is use many times as a location for larger photo production.

Monday, July 19, 2010


Now I sit here for days and try the pages of the new website to comply with life.
I think how much preparation was needed for a new look / appearance to come.
And as in the photo productions were much team work is, again even involved some of which I want to thank especially in this way:
A graphic designer Angela Hill,
with whom we have already produced many hotel brochures, etc..
Thank you Angela for the creation of the new logo.

Stefan Bihl web designer
Stefan Thank you for creating this new website, especially grateful for the patient instruction, and comment on all my small and big wishes / ideas.
I can only recommend Stefan to all customers, particularly especially all of the tourism / Rental s area.
Here Stefan has programmed excellent websites.

Pierre Würges mrs MEDIA TECHNOLOGY
A great graphic artist, to his opinions, views, I do not want to abandon after many years of cooperation, and thank you very much for the layout / printing of our new Business Card.

Ultimately, of course, pursue a special thanks to all my clients,
which enable me always my greatest passion:

....... the PHOTOGRAPHY .....

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Apartment Photography Tenerife

Apartement Hotel Photography in Tenerife - Apartamento Fotografia in Tenerife Islas Canarias - Wir fotografieren Ihr Apartment, Ferienanlage auf Teneriffa...

Ferienwohnungen Appartement Photography

Yes we produce your photos from your Apartment Holiday Flat in Tenerife